InVite Health DetoxHx Dietary Supplement - 60 Tablets
InVite Health DetoxHx Dietary Supplement - 60 Tablets
InVite Health DetoxHx Dietary Supplement - 60 Tablets

InVite Health DetoxHx Dietary Supplement - 60 Tablets

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InVite Health DetoxHx Dietary Supplement
Nutritional Support for the liver and detoxification

60 tablets

January is the month in which many people typically think of detoxification. Why? Well, there are the New Year Resolutions with the intent of cleaning up one's act and starting anew.  There are the attempts to "undo" some the indulgences of the Holiday Season, Gastro excesses such as too much alcohol, too many sweets and often times just too much food in general. This season of indulgence often lasts from Halloween right through to New Year's Eve.

However, these days of celebration don’t exclude our normal biochemical detoxification needs, resulting from exposure to diesel fuel exhausts, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cigarette smoke whether first or secondhand, fumes from dry cleaning fluids, paint fumes, synthetic fabrics often used in carpets and drapes, and lest we forget the seemingly ubiquitous plastics, with their attendant BPAs and much much more - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Any time the body makes new tissue such as new skin or bones, or hormones such as Estrogen and Testosterone (which both males and females make in respectively different amounts), there is a naturally-occurring residue that’s left over.  These residues, which can be called metabolic waste materials or Endotoxins,  are just like by-products from the external world. If you make a fire, there is ash left over.  If you make clothing, there will be material left on the floor.  If you build a shelf, there will be saw dust and wood shavings. In each case something or someone has to clean this up. In the case of the body, there is a mechanism which removes Endotoxic waste built into every cell of the body, particularly the cells of the Liver (where most detoxification takes place), Gut, Urinary Tract, Lungs and Skin.

Part and parcel of this detoxification activity is the coordination of three distinct detoxification phases.  Phase One is the chemotherapeutical breakdown of toxins (boxing them up, if you will), so that they are ready to be picked up (conjugated) by other chemicals. In Phase Two, these chemicals attach to the toxin packets, and then in Phase Three, the toxins and chemicals together are removed from the body as solid matter such as feces, urine, sweat, tears, vomit, mucous, and various gases released from the lungs. When we are healthy, Phases One and Two work seamlessly throughout the day usually without our awareness of them, although more detoxification happens while we sleep than at any other time.

To effectively carry out this fairly complex detoxification function, we first require substances that help coordinate the timing of Phase One and Phase Two.  We also need proper nutrient intake, such as anti-oxidants, to keep everything clean and running smoothly and to avoid pathogenic free-radical build up, and finally we need enough water and fiber to conduct Phase Three movement.
I have had the opportunity and pleasure to direct many detoxification retreats, both in the US and abroad, and have found that the format called Detox HX by InVite Health more than adequately fits the bill.

InVite Detox HX contains NAC ( N Aceytl Cysteine), a precursor to Glutathione which is perhaps the most important single nutrient for detoxification. Glutathione helps produce detoxification enzymes that are absolutely necessary to activate both Phase One and Phase Two of detoxification.  Also, increased exposure to toxins can lead to overuse and in turn depletion of detoxification enzymes.  It is necessary that we have the ability to replete these essential enzymes.  Detox Hx contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, which helps to prevent Glutathione from becoming exhausted.

InVite Detox HX contains the wonderful Ellagic Acid, which is a constituent found in Raspberries, Pomegranate, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Walnuts and Apples.  Ellagic Acid’s job is to make sure that both Phase One and Phase Two maintain a proper pace relative to one another. If these Phases lose coordination, then toxins sit in the body and increase in toxicity, so proper balance and timing in Phases One and Two is essential to prevent auto-toxemia. Loss in coordination between Phases One and Two can be caused by toxic exposure itself, one of the additional side effects, or co-effects, of toxicity.

Invite Detox HX also contains Phylanthus Amarus, an Indian herb which helps to chelate (attach to and remove) heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic (arsenic is often found in non-organic chicken) It also helps remove various parasites.

There are so many other facets for the use of InVite Detox HX.  For a more detailed discussion and instruction, we will be conducting 10 Day Detoxification Retreats in January (Jan 5-14) and April (April 26 -May 5) at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas.  There, we will be using the InVite Detox Hx formula, and several other formulas, as part of our Detoxification Protocol. For information about the upcoming retreats please go to or 1 866-446-5934.

Look for Detox HX on sale at Integral Yoga Natural Apothecary.

Let's start the New Year off right.  Happy New Year and Happy Detoxification!!